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Experienced Investigation Professionals

At PR Investigations, our experienced team of NYPD law enforcement officers and other highly skilled experts utilize the most advanced covert surveillance and forensics techniques available. We specialize in obtaining evidence that is sustainable in courts, based on our extensive knowledge of- and long-term careers in careful, methodical investigation techniques. Over the years, our successful investigations have yielded significant evidence in a wide-range of investigations. Located in proximity to New York City, our team has a commanding knowledge of the local geography and vast source network of contacts. Naturally, we're also immersed within the local culture.

When it comes to protection/security, our agents are licensed to carry firearms and trained in threat responses to a variety of situations, along with defense techniques and tactical driving. Wherever you are, you'll feel safe and secure under the protection of one of our specially trained agents, or while in transit in one of our modified luxury security vehicles.